What is READY Glenwood?

READY Glenwood is a Glenwood Neighborhood Alliance sponsored local committee of volunteers working to organize all neighbors in Glenwood so that in the event of an emergency (wildfire, earthquake, extended power outage or forced evacuation) you, your family, and your pets are not forgotten. The group will also have a neighborhood watch function as we keep an eye out for each other.  READY Glenwood works to support the CERT program (Community Emergency Response Team) of the San Rafael Fire Department and coordinates with the San Rafael Fire Department.  Check back here for updates and on NextDoor as well.


Our Plan

We have divided Glenwood into groups of 10-20 homes and have identified one neighbor as the Block Captain, whose responsibility is to hold contact and other important information for the group.

Spring 2017 Update: Important Documents

We have gathered some critical materials for you to download


Household Information Form

We need your assistance in completing a Household Information Form.  


It should take you about 5 minutes.  Include whatever information you feel comfortable sharing.  Once we have the information for those who wish to participate, a map of each block with contact information will be distributed to the participants of that block. 


  • The information provided will only be used as part of our READY Glenwood function and will not be shared or used for other purposes.


  • Please help us build community and participate in our group. For example, one of your neighbors might need a prescription that is refrigerated. If there is an extended power outage, who has a generator? Or in the case of evacuation, who needs help due to mobility problems? 


  • We are also looking for people willing to serve as Block Captains, whose responsibility it will be to hold this information and use it in the event of a disaster.  Please indicate on the form if you would be willing to consider being a Block Captain.  


  • If you prefer to download and fill it out manually, you can download it here.  
    Please email completed forms to Susan Jessup.



Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.



Nancy Worcester, READY Glenwood Communications Lead: : nancywor@gmail.com

Kevin Hagerty, President of Glenwood Neighborhood Alliance: hagertykm@yahoo.com 


Thank you for your support!