Disaster Preparedness for our Community

Spring 2017

Dear Glenwood Neighbors,


No one likes to think about the possibility of a large-scale natural disaster such as wildfire, earthquake, severe storm, power outage, or tsunami occurring in our beloved neighborhood.  But experts predict that it’s “not if but when” that a major earthquake will hit our area.  Wildfires are expected to be on the rise this year with heavy winter rains bringing more vegetation. And we experienced some severe storms and power outages recently.


Following a disaster, it may be several days before vital services are restored. Imagine there are no electricity, no gas, no water, and/or no telephone service. Imagine that businesses are closed and emergency services are overwhelmed. Marin County’s disaster response professionals emphasize the critical importance of being prepared to survive for at least 72 hours, and preferably 5-7 days, in your home following a disaster, but you need to plan ahead with supplies to survive. 


The Glenwood Homeowner’s Association is providing the enclosed materials for your information.  Our hope is that they will serve as a starter kit to help you and your family plan and prepare for a disaster. 


Brochures in PDF/Word format (Click to download):


Clickable links to the following websites:


Your Ready Glenwood Steering Committee


Please join us for Ready Glenwood Community Meeting at the Redeemer Church on Saturday, May 6 at 9:30 am. We will discuss the importance of disaster preparedness in Glenwood; What has been done to date; What is planned for the future; How residents can get involved; and How we can be prepare for Wildfires this year which are expected be on the rise due to all the rains.  Special guest speakers will include: Henry Warren, a resident of Peacock Gap, who had a 25-year career with Contra Costa County Fire, including 14 years serving as a Battalion Chief in the Emergency Operations Division, and Paula Doubleday, the founder/organizer of Get Ready Dominican.  Please RSVP by reaching out to one of us or going to NEXTDOOR Glenwood Events.