Church of the Redeemer


Church of the Redeemer is a mission church of the Episcopal Diocese of California. It is a small community church with a welcoming, warm, inclusive, spiritual atmosphere.  


The Church was founded in June 1957 under the leadership of Bishop Block in the Glenwood area of San Rafael on a portion of the McNear land grant. In 1964 the building housing the church was built. The McNear house was used as parish house, church office, thrift shop and for community events. Later, parts of the house were rented to a preschool and housed Henry Ohloff House programs.  


The McNear House was sold in 1994. The church took over the privately owned preschool. A new building, which houses Redeemer Preschool, was completed in 1995. Kids’ Church was begun in March 2000, as result of a desire to better serve children and their families.